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The Guild

What is a Guild?

In the dictionary it’s an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. In Permaculture, a guild is a system of efficiently grouping different parts together in order to use everything to its fullest potential.

The Linnaea Farm food security guild was created in 2020 as a response to Covid, fear around food access, and to create, as much as possible, food sovereignty at a local level.


Our goal was 3 fold -

  1. we encouraged you to come out, work and learn with us, to participate in your food system!

  2. have access to the Linnaea Farm food safe kitchen

  3. have the ability to order value added products and nutritious take home meals made from farm goods

Here we are on the precipice of a fresh season together

We at Linnaea have been so fortified by the ongoing support and encouragement of the Farm/Guild membership. It is truly encouraging to have been able to create a new system out of adversity which resulted in a network of farm based producers directly connected to our Cortes Community members. We have learned together how to navigate this digital platform and have co-created an engaged and passionate membership, a robust online market place and a year-round hub of nutrient dense food with the focus on local and organic ingredients.

What to expect in 2024

From the Kitchen

Kirsten is motivated to keep offering fresh, reliable products and expand the base of what you can expect this year. The goal is to keep a steady offering of staples from our kitchen to yours, seasonal embellishments and occasional pop up dinners and events. These weekly online menus are only available to guild members.

From the Garden (message from Adam)

Over the last few years, the garden has thrived, providing us with an abundance of healthy food and seeds for future growth. You, as a member of Linnaea Farm's Guild, play a crucial role in a system that goes beyond mere economics. This connection between producers and consumers is what makes our guild special, focusing not just on financial gains but on the social and physical well-being of our island community.  Your support during challenging growing seasons has been invaluable, and I want to express my gratitude. Linnaea Farm holds a special place in my heart, and I want you to continue being part of this connection.

In the upcoming growing season, my focus is on rebuilding fences, developing facilities to support the growing seed business, and the continued integration of our new families. I'll be shifting my attention away from market crops and focusing on seeds and plant breeding.

I'm excited to announce the resurrection of my homegrown series, where I'll be sharing my knowledge of growing food with all of you.

I'm eagerly anticipating the challenges and excitement that 2024 will bring. Here's to a year of growth, learning, and shared abundance.





New this season

A series of workshops in Kitchen Literacy and Skill development, as well as lunch tours of the farm and it’s activities. These items will be available to guild members first at a slight discount!



The HomeGrown Series

A lively four-part series laying out the steps to achieve the garden you envision reconciled with the time you have for it. Enter at any skill level and come out with all the information you need to create your first garden or take your current garden to the next level. 

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