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Permaculture Design Course

The Linnaea Farm Permaculture Design Course


Coming Soon! New Programs will be launched in 2024.

Our incredibly popular and in demand Permaculture Design Course is back and we will be offering several programs next year. 


Permaculture has the potential to be a positive solution to many of the challenges our global society faces today. It is a design science based on observing and integrating patterns of nature. It goes beyond ‘sustainable living’, and enters ‘regenerative’ living – producing beyond our individual needs, and healing/improving the land as we do so.


If you have been seeking a way to not only decrease your negative impact (“footprint”) on the world, but also increase your positive one (“handprint”), this course is for you.

It is during these turbulent, chaotic times that we – as a species – have the opportunity to restore the damage we have done and lay the foundation for a future in which we recognize our inherent connectedness with nature.


During these two week on-site immersive experiences, you will get to learn from some of the greatest minds in the permaculture world in Canada.

Farm-fresh food and on-site accommodation in a lakeside farmhouse including an ecological gardening library available. Our teachers share results of their cutting-edge work and how they’ve embraced Nature’s unsurpassed ability to adapt and thrive in the most adverse circumstances.


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Core Curriculum

The Permaculture Design Course will include the following topics:

1. Introduction to Permaculture.

2. Ethics and Principles.

3. The Local Ecosystem.

4. Pattern and Pattern Application.

5. Climate, Biogeography and Microclimates.

6. Design Methods and Process.

7. The Home System.

8. Water

9. Earthworks

10. Soils

11. Trees, Forests, Plants & Cultivated Ecologies.

12. Animals

13. Aquaculture

14. The Built Environment

15. Waste and Bioremediation

16. Appropriate Technology

17. Design for Catastrophe

18. Urban Permaculture

19. Broad-scale Landscape Design

20. Design for Invisible Structures

21. Economic Systems

22. Access to Land

23. Ecovillage and Neighbourhood Design

24. Permaculture Scene

25. Design Projects & Presentations 

26. Passion / Talent Show


Course Fees with Meal Plan: $1600

(includes 3 meals a day, dinner on day of arrival, and breakfast on day of departure.

Accommodation (13 nights)

Farmhouse: $650 ($50 per night)

Camping: $195 ($15 per night)

Stay tuned!

Email us if you would like to stay informed about the Permaculture Design Course. We'll send you our information package once we've opened registration.

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