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Hide Tanning Workshop

Hide Tanning Workshop

With Meredith Bill


In this 3-day workshop you will learn what is called mineral tanning. We will turn a messy dirty sheepskin into a beautiful and fluffy pelt you will want to bring everywhere you go.


Saturday, June 3rd 10-3

Cleaning and scraping, applying mineral solution to soak in a bin for a week


Saturday, June 10th 10-3

Rinsing, framing up hide


Sunday, June 11th 10-5

Softening, brushing wool and oiling


$300 including all materials

Options to buy tools to continue your tanning journey


Maximum Capacity 5


Originally from Quebec, Meredith was introduced to hide tanning from the skilled and talented Mara Cur from "Fern & Roe".

"My first ever skin was a deer hide that we turned into this super soft smoke tanned buckskin. That was 4 years ago. Since then, I’ve tried many different techniques, different skins from squirrels, minks, raccoon, goats, and sheep. Lots of trial and errors which makes me comfortable enough in my skill to be sharing it with others to start this journey into tanning."






Hide Tanning Workshop

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